Over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical business that deliver to more than 5,000 pharmacies and hospitals around the world. Our unique expertise is being able to help build brands to become recognized in the market. Our teams of professional sales representatives around the world is second to none. We strive on growth with the help of great management teams, together with advanced technology that help us to become trusted to our partners and customers.

Medical supply

We are not only good at distributing pharmaceutical products but we are also very experienced and work with thousands of retailer shops and hospitals worldwide. We supply existing and well-known brand names and help improve their brand awareness. We know that new products and new brands always have an opportunity to grow big and we are here for them as a partner. We are willing to do what is best for our client to achieve their success in the newer market.


We work with several brands from all over the world to help them launch in the Asian market. We understand that supplement products are essential and there is tough competition in these markets, but with our strong relationship with retailers in Asia, we can make it happen to help your product achieve the highest success. Our management teams know the market well and are best at what they do. Let us be your partner and get your product to the right channel and get it to the next level.