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About Us

Vadatus has been in business for more than 10 years in Los Angeles, California. We were first established as an importer for medical product and sell to U.S., Canada, South America and Asia. As our business success grew over the years, we decided to target Asian markets that led us to set up our office in Thailand. Our connection and strong relationships have grown tremendously with small to large retailers around the country, so we decide to expand our market to many countries in South East Asia. Asia is a very strong market with high spending power toward medical products, and there is still room to grow and open for new products. Asian people tend to favor imported products over domestic products. Vadatus would like to be a part of your success stories to help bring high quality products to the market and become one of the largest medical distribution companies in Asia.

We are offering the best health care products to the world

We work with hundreds of brand name products. Every product that we work with is highly reputable and will pass all the required approval by the FDA. We put quality products as our first priority in doing business. Every product that we represent need to pass through our guideline and quality check before we submit for approval by the local government health department. We want to assure that every product that we carry is fully approved with high quality. Thousands of satisfied customers have proven our success.

Why choose us

Over 10 years in the health care industry. Our management teams are highly experienced and have a deep relationship with retailers. We know the right distribution channel and the right person to help get your product to the success level. Our professional team of staff is working hard to gain your trust. We work on a long-time relationship and we are here for you. We know what it takes and what is the best channel for your product. We spend millions of dollars to help build our company reputation to gain consumer loyalty. Our advanced logistic system that helps our operation to become efficient are second




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